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What is a Cougar? For those who aren't aware, Cougars are women in their late 30s, 40s and 50s, beautiful, fit, and confident with the energy and enthusiasm they are not always able to find in the company of men their own age. Cougars have less drama, as they are stable financially and emotionally, and do not carry the. Was heading out on a date with a hot MILF/Cougar from Tinder and going to post results. Was always on the bucket list, had to share this experience. .. You get any spoon pics of her with your jizz all over her face or teddies? Or a creampie pic? Most MILF will let guys cream them, even if it's on the first. 10 Nov Tinder actually does all the work for you in your mission to meet a cougar. It uses you GPS locator to pinpoint your location and then send you pictures of eligible females in your area. In order to zero in on only the cougars in your location, you will need to set your preferences to show your interests. Choose.

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  • I've been getting over an ex with Tinder and I've always wanted to hook up with a cougar. I'm 24 and although I set my range to miles and age to 31+ I've only gotten one match that hasn't responded and one that "was active" 6 months ago. Is there any way to make sure these ladies see my profile and.

You may even scrutinize the old colloquial grocery store legend but find everything but sagging housewives in the isles. You have rationality of searching on the web but is that the best venue for meeting cougars? Older women are just as computer savvy as the next person.

How To Find Cougars On Tinder


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With all the awareness about cougars out there, you'd think that men would be experts by now on how to snare them. Not a fat chance based on the past few dates I've had. Although I'm not a bona fide cougar quite yet I clock in just under the apparent age limit , I'm certainly not opposed to dating younger men On behalf of other respectable self-established women who have no qualms with dabbling in prime meat territory, I'd like to set the record straight once and for all.

Here, my tips for cougar hunters around the world:. Know what you're after. There are two types of cougars: Alpha cougars are sophisticated, intelligent, and on the prowl for sexual empowerment. Betas are usually just looking for someone to make them feel better about themselves.

Bars and public places are great neighbourhood to start but you have the learning curve to deal with. You know, the participation of the evening where you take a shot to decide if she is objective a nice lady or if a real life cougar is sitting in front of you. A more fertile way to abut a cougar is to use some of the smartphone dating apps related Tinder.

Read on to learn how to meet a cougar on tinder. Tinder is an app that you can install on your smartphone that can help you meet a cougar. Once you download the app to your phone and you can on your cougar through with a fine-tooth comb.

10 Tips for Catching a Cougar

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