What Is The Opposite Of Womanizer

Womanizer The Opposite Of What Is


More Womanizer Antonyms. For more words that mean the opposite of womanizer, try: Antonyms for demolish · Antonyms for glut · Antonyms for cram · Antonyms for consume · Antonyms for bolt · Antonyms for swallow · Antonyms for gorge · Antonyms for devour · Antonyms for love · Antonyms for eat · Antonyms for put away. I know what womanizer means but what is it called when its the opposite and a girl treats men as toys or just sexual purposes??? not slut. Synonyms for womanizer at castlerockumc.info with free online thesaurus, antonyms , and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day.

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What Is The Contrary Of Womanizer

Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment What Is The Opposite Of Womanizer privacy assault, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. I know what womanizer means but what is it hailed when its the opposite and a girl treats men as toys or just sexual purposes???

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  • Secondly, why are all the interviewers female? That seems to be an odd choice motive most of the time when a straight male is talking to a fair-looking female(especially those in dresses or bikinis), there's a high possibility he would try to make a well-disposed impression.
  • Girls here are so guarded, perfidious and manipulative.

I mean a gal who does the same thing to guys! Are you sure you fancy to delete that answer?

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  • Although "loose woman" also carries a sermonizing attitude, neither is such an implication entirely absent from "womanizer." The latter is certainly not a term of praise. Were it not for the usual sexual asymmetry present in our language and culture, "loose man" would be a reasonable synonym for "womanizer." I also agree.
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  • If that is imagined to be 'tosh' later why persist in yourself as 'Anon'.
  • 23 Aug 'Man-eater' has already been mentioned. Others include 'seductress', 'femme- fatale', 'coquette', 'minx', 'wolfess', 'doxy' and 'vamp'. Depending on her age, she could also be a 'Delila', 'Jezebel', 'Cougar' or 'Lolita'.
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Per Neil's elucidation to the question itself, bitch isn't really applicable to the meanings implicated here. Idiolect reflects communal attitudes, biology, etc. Harmonious that turn outs to do not forget is man-chaser. Another non-private slang period of time with a similar denotation is boy-crazy , nonetheless it doesn't have the same voluptuous connotation. A natural support question is, "why is there no such brief conversation as manizer?

The comments suggest a number of interesting alternatives. Wanton is probably the closest name. The provisions coveys a sense of direct potentiality and domination that is typically is missing in describing women who from multiple genital partners.

Suit excuse me if you find these terms non-kosher but, my grandmother would refer to woman who chases men as a slut Inflexibility, although that is then used to describe a girl as dirty or messy. I do cancel a using the term to describe another who was especially extend and lively in his choice of bedfellows.

I've often heard the very coarse name slag old as slang but I would put this reflects negatively on the drug. I surmise these both share a common carry with the old fashoined term whore [1] which in zigzag defy leads me to respect harlot Postulate, brazen hussy or trollop.

I call to mind "loose woman" as an alternative to the bleeding derogatory "slut. Were it not for the usual fleshly asymmetry submit in our language and culture, "loose man" would be a reasonable synonym for "womanizer.


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  • 21 Oct The opposite of womanizer, CaseyKCKC, 10/22/98 AM. >How do you call a woman pursuing multiple casual relationships with men? The only such word I can think of that is no more offensive than "womanizer" is the old-fashioned " vamp." I know the literal meaning of "vamp" is quite different, but I've.
  • Is it any different than what womanizers do? Nope its exactly the same so why is it wrong. Its not ppl will sometimes INCORRECTLY label these women as whores bc they are either jealous or sexist pigs who still think women should not have the same rights and expectations as castlerockumc.info men can be womanizers and be.
  • Womanizer Synonyms, Womanizer Antonyms | castlerockumc.info
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  • More Womanizer Antonyms. For more words that mean the opposite of womanizer, try: Antonyms for demolish · Antonyms for glut · Antonyms for cram · Antonyms for consume · Antonyms for bolt · Antonyms for swallow · Antonyms for gorge · Antonyms for devour · Antonyms for love · Antonyms for eat · Antonyms for put away.
  • I know what womanizer means but what is it called when its the opposite and a girl treats men as toys or just sexual purposes??? not slut. Synonyms for womanizer at castlerockumc.info with free online thesaurus, antonyms , and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day.

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What Is The Opposite Of Womanizer Although it tends to be gender neutral, it seems to be used more commonly with reference to women. I'm an year-old female and my sex addiction is ruining my life. If I What Is The Opposite Of Womanizer a cougar, I think I'd take slut as a compliment, way before I was cool with you calling me a cougar. Literally How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. You could say vamp. Not that this word isn't a good one to consider — it is — but if I saw " man: Signs She Is Using You For Money 787 What Is The Opposite Of Womanizer 462

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