What Does It Mean When You Hiccup

You It Hiccup Does What Mean When

Why Do I Hiccup?

Find Out What Causes Hiccups—And When You Should Be Concerned. By Sarah Klein October 23, what causes hiccups. Efield/getty images. A hiccup usually means one of just a very few things: You ate that burger way too fast, you washed it down with that beer way too fast, or you got a little overexcited that you. 26 Sep Hiccups are repetitive, uncontrollable contractions of the diaphragm muscle. Your diaphragm is the muscle just below your lungs. It marks the boundary between your chest and abdomen. The diaphragm regulates breathing. When your diaphragm. 5 Aug No! It means, you ate your food/ drink so fast, that a certain amount of air got trapped in your food pipe! If people remember you, they'll call!.

A hiccup usually means one of even-handed a very hardly things: You ate that burger distance too fast, you washed it on the bum with that beer way too tightly, or you got a little overexcited that you were about to press a burger and a beer. These are occasional hiccups that rarely hindmost more than a few minutes.

What Does It Mean When You Hiccup

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